Photo Gallery | KOMO Communities hosts 'Dog Days of Summer' photo contest

EDITOR'S NOTE: Round 1 is over! We are closing this photo gallery but we will include all other submissions in next week's "Dog Days of Summer Gallery!"

Do you have a great dog photo?

As we draw tragically closer to the end of summer, KOMO Communities wants to share photos of your pup enjoying the sunny season! So we are hosting the "Dog Days of Summer" photo contest.

Readers may send their doggy photos to Just include your name, the neighborhood you live in and your dog's name. 

We will post the photos here. Post a comment and tell us which one is your favorite! The pic that gets the most comments by August 31 will be crowned the winner and get all the bragging rights. 

Which community has the cutest pups? You let us know! Send in your photos!